Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Card

I. Quick Facts about Liberty Puerto Rico

liberty puerto rico overview

Liberty Puerto Rico, officially known as Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico LLC, is a telecommunications company founded in 2005 that provides cable television, broadband internet, telephone services and mobile services in Puerto Rico.

Here are some key facts about Liberty Puerto Rico:

  • Founded: 2005
  • Full Company Name: Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico LLC
  • Types of Services: Cable TV, Internet, Telephone, Mobile
  • Number of Subscribers: 600,000+ cable TV and 500,000+ mobile subscribers (estimated)
  • Coverage: 97% population coverage for mobile network
  • Stores and Agents: 60+ Liberty stores and authorized dealers island-wide

II. Why Liberty When You’re Exploring Puerto Rico – Coverage and Speed

1. Liberty Network Coverage in Puerto Rico

Liberty Puerto Rico operates a robust mobile network that covers 97% of the population in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Its 4G LTE network now covers more than 1.6 million people which is excellent news for tourists exploring Puerto Rico.

With nearly island-wide coverage, you can depend on fast, reliable Liberty mobile service when touring Puerto Rico’s beaches along the coast, hiking trails in El Yunque rainforest or wandering Old San Juan’s cobblestone streets. Wherever your Puerto Rico travels take you, you’re likely to be in range of a Liberty LTE or 4G connection during your trip.

Types of Liberty Puerto Rico coverage

Here are the types of mobile coverage offered by Liberty:

  • 2G: Available mostly in rural areas and remote regions. Good for basic calls and texts.
  • 3G: Found in towns and secondary cities. Provides decent speeds for messaging, web browsing and GPS.
  • 4G LTE: Liberty’s main network, available in primary cities and heavily populated areas. Fast enough for streaming media and HD video calling.
  • 5G: Currently being rolled out in key areas of San Juan, Ponce, Mayagüez and other major cities and towns. Ideal speeds for live gaming, AR/VR apps and ultra HD video.

So while 2G and 3G networks have the most extensive reach, Liberty’s 4G LTE network is what delivers fast, consistent coverage across nearly all of Puerto Rico’s most-visited destinations.

Roaming options

Liberty Puerto Rico has domestic roaming agreements with other providers like Claro and T-mobile. So if you travel outside of Liberty’s strong coverage zones, your device may connect to a partner network. This prevents coverage gaps in more remote areas.

International roaming is also available in many countries, allowing you to use your Liberty Puerto Rico SIM abroad, albeit at higher rates. Check with Liberty before traveling internationally.

2. Liberty Puerto Rico Speed

opensignal speed report puerto rico 2023

In addition to great coverage, Liberty Puerto Rico offers fast mobile data speeds that rival speeds back on the US mainland.

Liberty’s average 4G LTE mobile download speed clocks in at a swift 33 Mbps based on recent OpenSignal testing. Meanwhile, average upload speeds on Liberty’s LTE network check in at an impressive 14 Mbps.

This level of performance means Liberty delivers enough bandwidth for uses like:

  • Streaming HD video
  • Video calling over FaceTime, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
  • Using social media apps like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat
  • Posting Puerto Rico vacation photos to the cloud
  • Getting directions or last-minute hotel reservations
  • Booking tours and attractions on the go

The bottom line is that Liberty Puerto Rico’s fast, island-wide 4G LTE network offers visitors all the connectivity comforts of home while exploring Puerto Rico.

III. Liberty Connectivity Options for Travelers to Puerto Rico

Liberty offers multiple connectivity options for visitors coming to explore Puerto Rico:

Liberty Puerto Rico SIM card

A Liberty local SIM delivers voice service, texting and mobile data over the Liberty LTE network. SIMs are available in prepaid and monthly varieties.

Liberty Puerto Rico tourist/traveler SIM card

Special SIM card plans aimed at tourists provide short-term data packages sufficient for quick vacations. Often include bonuses like free calls/texts to US or worldwide.

Liberty MiFi mobile hotspot rental

A wireless router that connects to Liberty’s 4G network, creating a mini hotspot for WiFi devices like laptops, tablets and phones. Perfect for accommodating data usage by groups and families.

Liberty Puerto Rico eSIM

A digital SIM integrated into your phone’s circuitry. Enables flexible connectivity across multiple numbers and data plans. Blends local service with your existing wireless plan.

So whether you just need a basic local voice/text SIM, an extensive data package for posting vacation photos, or the flexibility to toggle between your regular number and local Puerto Rican service, Liberty has a connectivity solution to fit.

IV. Best Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Here is an overview of top Liberty Puerto Rico SIM card plans suitable for tourists along with what they cost:

1. Liberty Puerto Rico 7 Day Tourist SIM

  • Data: 15GB high-speed data
  • Cost: $49.99
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Inclusions: Unlimited calls and texts to US, Canada and Puerto Rico, 200 worldwide minutes, +100 worldwide texts

This 7 day tourist SIM from Liberty is designed specifically for visitors with generous amounts of full-speed data for posting social content and using media apps, along with bonus US/Canada calls and worldwide minutes for keeping in touch back home.

2. Liberty 30 Day SIM Card

  • Data: 18GB high-speed data
  • Cost: $99.99
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Inclusions: Pay-as-you-go rates for calls/texts

With almost 3 weeks of fast LTE data, this monthly Liberty SIM is great for longer vacations in Puerto Rico spanning 2-4 weeks. While calls and texts are billed separately, data levels allow freely streaming video and music.

3. Liberty $25 Prepaid SIM

  • Data: 6GB high-speed data
  • Cost: $25.00
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Inclusions: Pay-as-you-go rates apply

For shorter Puerto Rico getaways under 2 weeks, this affordable prepaid SIM still includes a moderate 6GB of full-speed data for light social sharing, web surfing, maps/navigation and messaging. Add pay-as-you-go credit as required for calling and texting.

So whether you need a SIM for a quick weekend break or a month-long retreat, Liberty Puerto Rico has prepaid and tourist SIM card plans to match at reasonable rates.

I would highly recommend purchasing an eSIM plan from for your upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. As a leading provider of travel eSIMs on the island, they offer simple and affordable data-only solutions that will allow you to stay connected during your visit.

Their plans start at only $5 for 1GB of data over 7 days, or $8.90 for 2GB over 15 days. This provides more than enough data to check maps, use social media, browse attractions and more. Best of all, no need to deal with swapping physical SIM cards – just download the eSIM directly to your phone for quick activation.

Reliable Data Plans for Exploring Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico eSIM 7 Days
Puerto Rico eSIM 7 Days
From $5.00
Puerto Rico eSIM 15 Days
Puerto Rico eSIM 15 Days
From $8.90

V. Does Liberty Support eSIM in Puerto Rico?

Yes, Liberty Puerto Rico introduced eSIM capability in September 2022, becoming the first Puerto Rican carrier to launch digital eSIM service and support eSIM-equipped phones and devices.

An eSIM (or digital SIM) is directly embedded into your phone or tablet instead of relying on a physical SIM card. eSIMs enable more flexibility – you can quickly swap between plans or integrate local connectivity across multiple numbers and data packages.

With Liberty Puerto Rico eSIM support, dual SIM devices can now blend Liberty’s fast local network with your existing US mobile plan for the best coverage and rates. iPhone users can also easily pair Liberty service as a secondary data line.

And eSIMs vastly simplify connectivity when traveling in groups. Rather than juggling piles of SIM cards, everyone can use Liberty eSIM profiles downloaded on demand.

So if you have the latest iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S22 series or other eSIM-compatible device, Liberty Puerto Rico now offers the convenience of all-digital connectivity.

Travel SIM Plans Tailored For the Puerto Rico Experience

VI. Where can You Buy Liberty Puerto Rico SIM cards and eSIM?

1. Where to Buy Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Card

As Puerto Rico’s second largest mobile operator, it’s easy to find Liberty stores and authorized retailers across the islands.

Here are some of the main options for buying Liberty Puerto Rico SIM cards:

  • Liberty Stores – Visit any official Liberty store in cities like San Juan, Ponce, Mayagüez and others. Staff can assist with selecting the right SIM plan.
  • Liberty Kiosks – Find Liberty kiosks situated inside malls like Plaza Las Américas and other shopping centers. Grab a SIM on the go.
  • Liberty Authorized Dealers – Various dealers sell Liberty products from convenience stores to metro PCS outlets. Look for “Authorized Agent” signage.
  • Liberty Website – Order SIM card delivery through Useful for activating service prior to arrival.
  • Airports – SIM cards also sold at SJU Luis Muñoz Marín airport in San Juan along with other airports.

Wherever you buy, just provide your unlocked phone (or passport info) and local staff can get your Liberty Puerto Rico SIM setup on the spot.

2. Where to Buy Liberty Puerto Rico eSIM

To access Liberty’s eSIM service for compatible iPhone, Android and other devices:

  • Liberty Website – Order Liberty Puerto Rico eSIM profiles for delivery via email from Use eSIM QR code to activate service.
  • Liberty Stores – Visit stores in San Juan, Ponce, Mayagüez to purchase eSIM. Staff will assist scanning and activating your eSIM.
  • Liberty App – Coming soon! The Liberty Mobil app for iOS and Android will allow instant eSIM activation.

As the sole provider of eSIM service in Puerto Rico” Liberty’s stores and website offer tourists with new iPhone 14’s and the latest eSIM-ready devices easy access to digital connectivity across Puerto Rico.

VII. How to Activate Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Card/eSIM

1. How to Use Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Card

Activating a Liberty Puerto Rico SIM card is a quick and simple process when visiting Puerto Rico:

  1. Insert SIM – Turn phone off and insert your new Liberty Puerto Rico SIM into the SIM tray.
  2. Power on and Unlock – Power phone back on and unlock it if you have a passcode enabled.
  3. Connect Automatically – The Liberty SIM will automatically configure mobile settings and connect to the Liberty LTE network within a minute.
  4. Manage Account – Dial *111# to check SIM status, add more data/credit if needed or manage your Liberty prepaid account.

That’s all it takes! Once connected, you can begin making calls, sending texts on your new Puerto Rican phone number and using mobile data through Liberty’s island-wide 4G LTE network.

It’s that quick and easy to activate Liberty mobile service when traveling in Puerto Rico.

2. How to Activate Liberty Puerto Rico eSIM

To activate a Liberty Puerto Rico eSIM on your iPhone 14, Google Pixel 7 or other compatible device:

  1. Purchase eSIM – Order your Liberty Puerto Rico eSIM via email or store QR code.
  2. Scan QR Code – Open phone camera app and scan the QR code provided to add eSIM. Follow device prompts.
  3. Connect Automatically – The Liberty eSIM will configure and automatically connect to the Liberty LTE network. May require a phone restart.
  4. Manage Plan – Use Liberty *111# USSD code or visit to check data usage or extend your eSIM plan if needed.

So in just a few taps, your Liberty Puerto Rico eSIM will be loaded and leveraging Liberty’s fast mobile data speeds across your vacation on the islands. Pair it with your existing US plan as a secondary data line or use standalone for flexible local connectivity.

Unlock more insights on: How to Install Puerto Rico eSIM: Full Guide

VIII. Liberty Puerto Rico Call & SMS Rates

Here is an overview of calling and text rates using a Liberty Puerto Rico SIM card or eSIM:

Liberty to Liberty Calls

  • ₡0.15 per minute
  • Billed per-second after 60 seconds

Calling other local Liberty mobile numbers in Puerto Rico is very affordable at just ₡0.15¢ per minute. This makes connecting with friends and family using Liberty service cheap and convenient.

Calls to US/Canada

  • ₡1.00 per minute
  • Billed per-second after 60 seconds

At just ₡1.00 per minute, calling home to the US or Canada from your Liberty Puerto Rico SIM is still very reasonable. Some tourist SIM plans include free US/Canada calls.

Local Puerto Rico Calls

  • ₡0.50 per minute
  • Billed per-second after 60 seconds

Calling other local mobile and landline numbers in Puerto Rico from your Liberty SIM costs a very fair ₡0.50¢ per minute.

Text Messages

  • Outgoing local SMS: ₡0.15 per message
  • Incoming texts: Free

Sending SMS text messages within Puerto Rico is affordably priced at ₡0.15¢ per text from your Liberty SIM. Incoming texts are free as usual.

So calling and texting through Liberty Puerto Rico is very wallet-friendly for tourists. Calling the US or Canada is still reasonably priced too.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Cards

Liberty Puerto Rico offers USSD codes enable checking your account or activating options easily from your smartphone:

Check Balance

  • *123# Quickly check your prepaid balance credit on a Liberty mobile or tourist SIM card.

Check Data Usage

  • *777# Check how much monthly LTE/4G data you have used so far from your Liberty data allotment.

Add Data Pack

  • *111*500# Adds a 500MB LTE data pack to your Liberty mobile data plan. Other packs available too.

Call Forwarding

  • *72[number]# Enables forwarding calls to another local Puerto Rico or US-based number. Disable with *720#.

Call Waiting

  • *43# Activates call waiting to receive calls while already on another call. Disable with *430#.


  • *117# Displays key details about your Liberty SIM card like phone number, data allowance amounts, rates and more.

So whether you need to add more data, enable call forwarding to reach your group, or just check how many talk minutes you have remaining, these handy Liberty Puerto Rico USSD codes make it easy to manage your SIM or eSIM while exploring Puerto Rico.

X. How to Top-up Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Cards

Adding more money credit or purchasing a data add-on pack is easy with Liberty SIM cards and eSIMs.

Here are the key ways to add credit or data:

Recharge Card

Purchase Liberty recharge card at stores and redeem by dialing *123#. Available in values like $10, $20 and $50 adding talk/text credit.

Online Payment

Visit and sign into your account to make a one-time top-up payment with credit/debit card or PayPal.

Smartphone Apps

Use Liberty Mobil app for Android/iOS to instantly add credit/data directly from your device using saved payment details.

So whether you prefer the simplicity of recharge cards, need to top-up your friends too, or want to add more data on-the-fly while seeing an error message, it only takes seconds to add more credit or high-speed data allowance using your Liberty SIM.

XI. Alternatives to Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Cards

While Liberty Puerto Rico covers most of the main island with its fast LTE network, Claro and T-mobile are other leading options if Liberty has coverage gaps in remote areas you’re visiting.

Claro Puerto Rico

  • Part of huge América Móvil group
  • Very wide coverage across Puerto Rico
  • Lower average speeds than Liberty LTE
  • Physical stores widespread
  • eSIM now available Rivaling Liberty’s reach, Claro is worth considering for extensive rural access in Puerto Rico’s mountainous interior and remote west coast.

T-mobile Puerto Rico

  • US-based mobile carrier
  • Focuses coverage on metropolitan areas
  • Higher average speeds than Liberty
  • eSIM support on iPhone
  • Seamless usage with T-mobile US plans

T-mobile concentrates its fast LTE and 5G networks around San Juan and other major cities. But offers seamless integration with T-mobile plans back home.

So while Liberty excels at delivering fast speeds across 97% of Puerto Rico, network preferences or remote travel may make rivals like T-mobile or Claro better options in certain scenarios.

XII. FAQs about Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Cards

Does my phone need to be unlocked?

Yes, you need an unlocked phone to use a Liberty Puerto Rico SIM. This allows your device to accept inserting and configuring the Liberty SIM. Contact your home carrier to unlock if required.

Are group/family plans available?

Yes, Liberty offers shared data buckets across multiple lines along with group discounts off additional lines. These allow families or groups traveling together to save through a group account. Not valid on temporary tourist SIMs.

Does WhatsApp work with Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Card?

Yes, Liberty Puerto Rico provides full support for popular apps like WhatsApp. Feel free to text and call through WhatsApp using your Liberty SIM number.

Can I use a Liberty SIM abroad?

While roaming is enabled for using a Liberty SIM in certain countries abroad, very high roaming fees would apply outside Puerto Rico. Check with Liberty before traveling for roaming rates or buy a local SIM at your destination.

How long does an unused SIM stay active?

Liberty prepaid SIMs will stay active for 30 days after the last paid recharge/top-up while unused monthly SIMs expire after 30 days with no activity. To resume service, just add more credit.

Will my Liberty Puerto Rico SIM Card work in the US Virgin Islands?

Yes, Liberty Puerto Rico offers seamless coverage in the nearby US Virgin Islands (USVI) of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. So your Liberty SIM functions the same while island hopping to the USVI. Switching networks or SIMs not required.

XIII. Final Words

With extensive fast LTE coverage, generous data packages, easy activation and availability across the islands, a Liberty SIM card or eSIM delivers reliable connectivity with enough bandwidth for posting vacation pics and shows on social media, messaging friends through WhatsApp, and researching things to do – whether ziplining through the El Yunque rainforest or unwinding on sunny Caribbean beaches.