Puerto Rico has a vibrant and competitive mobile telecommunications market with multiple operators offering services to consumers and businesses across the island. In this guide, we will provide an overview of the main mobile operators, look at how to choose the best option for your needs, compare the leading providers in detail, and answer some frequently asked questions about getting connected.

Whether you are a resident looking for the most reliable coverage or a visitor wanting a SIM card for your trip, read on to find out everything you need to know about mobile operators in Puerto Rico.

mobile operators in puerto rico

I. List of Mobile Operators in Puerto Rico

Best Mobile Operators

There are two main types of mobile operators in Puerto Rico:

Main Mobile Operators in Puerto Rico

The major mobile network operators own and operate their own network infrastructure across Puerto Rico. They have the most extensive coverage and large retail stores and dealer networks:

These networks use a range of mobile technologies including 4G LTE to provide voice calls and mobile data services.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Puerto Rico

MVNOs provide services by renting access from the main networks listed above. They focus on low costs and customized plans. Examples include:

  • Liberty
  • TracFone
  • Consumer Cellular
  • US Mobile
  • Mint Mobile

MVNOs can offer more flexibility and cheaper rates but may have lower priority on their host networks.

II. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operators in Puerto Rico

When picking a mobile operator in Puerto Rico, here are some key considerations:

  • Coverage: Check coverage maps to ensure the operator offers service where you live, work, and travel. Tourist areas are generally well covered.
  • Speeds: All networks offer 4G LTE but congestion and locations can impact speeds. Claro and Liberty have won awards for network performance.
  • Plans and rates: Compare monthly fees, data amounts, roaming policies etc. MVNOs tend to offer cheaper basic services.
  • Phones and devices: If you need a modem/hot-spot, jetpack or the latest iPhone, check which carriers offer them.
  • Customer service: Ask locals and friends for real-world recommendations based on call quality and support experiences.

Prioritize services which best match your usage needs rather than opting solely on cost. Reliability when making emergency calls is also a key consideration.

III. Best Mobile Operators in Puerto Rico – Detailed Comparison

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Owned by Mexican giant América Móvil, Claro by far the biggest mobile operator in Puerto Rico with around 2.5 million subscribers. Their Pros and Cons are:


  • Largest 4G LTE coverage on island
  • Top network speeds and reliability
  • Wide range of plan options from prepaid to postpaid
  • Bundles with TV/home services available
  • Good quality customer service


  • Can be pricier for heavy mobile data users
  • Some congestion issues during busy periods

Claro operates both 3G and 4G LTE networks covering over 96% of the population making it a solid choice for high mobile usage across different locations.


The US telecom leaders operate facilities across Puerto Rico with around 1 million mobile subscribers.


  • Reliable connectivity and performance
  • Seamless usage with mainland USA accounts
  • iPhone brings many customers
  • International roaming packages
  • Local customer support


  • More expensive monthly plans overall
  • Contracts and early termination fees

Liberty lacks the island-wide presence of Claro but focuses investment on robust infrastructure for business users and affluent consumers. LTE reached over 98% of people in recent upgrades.


Part of Deutsche Telekom group, T-Mobile has around a 12% share in Puerto Rico building a reputation for affordability and great customer service.


  • Increasing 4G LTE coverage
  • Unlimited data plans available
  • Deals for families and international travelers
  • Flexible prepaid plans and no contracts
  • Excellent localization support


  • Still growing coverage in rural areas
  • Smaller retail store network
  • Can get congested in heavy usage hotspots T-Mobile operates the newest network but is expanding quickly by upgrading acquired infrastructure and sites to extend availability.

IV. Where to Buy SIM Card from Mobile Operators in Puerto Rico?

You can pickup a standard SIM Card at local stores and dealers affiliated with Claro, Liberty and T-Mobile throughout Puerto Rico. Bring your existing phone or purchase one with your plan if needed.

Some designated hotels, car rental agencies and airports also sell SIM cards packages to tourists on arrival.

If you want to arrange in advance, dual SIM devices are also available for pre-order online from operators for delivery or airport collection on landing in Puerto Rico. Some MVNOs like Liberty Puerto Rico allow you to signup completely online.

For most tourists, finding a Claro, Liberty or T-Mobile store near your hotel or port of entry is the most convenient way to get started. Staff speak excellent English and will activate and test the connection with you.

V. Do Mobile Operators in Puerto Rico Offer eSIM?

esim puerto rico benefits you

In addition to standard plastic SIM cards, some providers in Puerto Rico also offer eSIM connectivity for supported devices like newer iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

An eSIM allows your phone to be configured for mobile service through a digital profile rather than inserting a physical card. This is convenient if you frequently switch networks or want dual line capability.

Not all stores may support eSIM activation so check availability when you purchase your plan. You’ll need to provide the device IMEI number and a QR code will be scanned to setup the service.

In addition to the major carriers, travelers to Puerto Rico can purchase affordable prepaid eSIM data plans from esimpuertorico.com.

We offers eSIM plans for T-Mobile network in Puerto Rico starting from $5 for 1GB of data valid for 7 days. Our eSIM packages provide a convenient alternative for international travelers who want connectivity without changing their physical SIM card.

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Are there any roaming charges or restrictions?

Most major networks offer nationwide coverage without roaming fees. However, some MVNO cheaper plans limit roaming so check policy for out of network usage.

Which operators offer unlimited data plans?

T-Mobile signature plans include unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data. Some Claro and Liberty packages also offer unlimited data capped at certain speeds.

Is number portability available?

Yes – you can port an existing Puerto Rico number to a new mobile operator using standard procedures. Some restrictions may apply for prepaid accounts.

What network bands are used?

Puerto Rico mobile networks use a combination of bands including 700MHz, 1900MHz and AWS frequencies for mainstream LTE coverage. Check your device supports local bands before travel.

How do I check coverage?

All Puerto Rico network operators offer coverage maps online so you can check areas of interest. Bear in mind these tend indicate outdoor premises signals which may not reflect indoor performance.

Who offers best deals for tourists?

For holidaymakers, T-Mobile prepaid unlimited packages provide excellent value and network quality across hotspots. Claro also excellent value for visitors via the Claro Tourist SIM with cheaper calls to US.

VII. Final Words

Puerto Rico has modern infrastructure making it easy for both locals and visitors to stay conveniently connected while on the move or traveling across this vibrant island.

With multiple network operators competing from major providers like Claro and Liberty to more budget-friendly plans from T-Mobile and MVNOs, there are great options for every type of user.

Simply decide your typical usage needs, preferred device range, and budget to select the best match. Then locate an affiliated store to pick up and activate your SIM card or eSIM profile.