Getting connected to the internet as soon as you land in an unfamiliar place is often a top priority for many travelers today. Having mobile data right after you get off the plane can help you navigate the airport, arrange transportation, access maps and translation services, stay in touch with your contacts back home, share photos of your journey so far, and more.

But with so many options now for SIM cards, international roaming plans, and eSIMs, it can get confusing to figure out the best solution for your needs and budget. If you’ll be passing through Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, here’s what you need to know about buying a SIM card once you land.

SIM Card at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport

I. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport

Fortunately, purchasing a SIM card at Luis Muñoz Marín Int’l Airport is quick and convenient. There are multiple stores located in the terminals where you can easily get connected. Here are a few options to consider:

The Caribe GSM Store

Located post-security in Terminal A near gate 12 is the Caribe GSM store. They sell SIM cards from the main local carriers like Claro and Liberty as well as some options for visitors from the USA. Plans are available for short term visitors along with combo packs that include the SIM card and some data/talk time.

The associates speak both English and Spanish so they can explain the different plans available. Having a SIM ready to go when your flight lands makes getting connected easy as soon as you turn your phone back on upon arrival.

Viva Wyndham Kiosks

There are also Viva Wyndham kiosks located throughout many of the terminals at Luis Muñoz Marín Int’l Airport, generally near the duty free shops. These sell SIM cards specifically for Viva Wyndham resort guests staying at their properties in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

However, they will also sell SIM cards to any visitor stopping by the kiosks. So if you’re not a resort guest this can still be a quick and convenient spot to purchase connectivity for your device. Daily, weekly, and monthly plan rates are available.

Individual Carrier Desks or Stores

Some of the local Puerto Rican cell networks also have dedicated stores or desks within Luis Muñoz Marín Airport as well. For example, Claro has a store in Terminal B that sells SIM cards and can help you setup service plans. Likewise, T-Mobile has a desk in Terminal C for customers and visitors needing SIMs or assistance.

So if you have a preference for a certain carrier, check if they have a designated area in the terminal you’ll be arriving or departing from. Keep in mind that not every carrier has a store or desk location inside the airport however.

Vending Machines

In addition to staffed stores and desks, there are also a handful of SIM card vending machines scattered throughout Luis Muñoz Marín Int’l Airport. These allow you to quickly purchase a SIM card on the spot without having to talk to a sales agent.

Similar to the manned stores, you can find vending machines selling SIMs from Claro, Liberty, and other popular networks. The machines accept credit/debit cards as well as cash. And instructions are provided in both English and Spanish.

So if you just need a basic SIM card without any complex data plan, or want to avoid a long store line, look for one of these self-service vending machines located mostly in the Terminal B and C checkpoints.

II. SIM Card at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport – Options and Costs

When shopping for a Luis Muñoz Marín Airport SIM card, you’ll find options from Puerto Rico’s major carriers along with some visitor/traveler-specific plans. Here’s an overview of what’s available and typical costs:

Local SIM Cards

If you need lots of calling/texting and data during an extended stay, purchasing a local postpaid or prepaid SIM from top providers like Claro and Liberty in Puerto Rico could be the best fit. These SIMs provide access to the same domestic networks and rates residents use.

Some things to note though with a Puerto Rican SIM card:

  • You may need to provide ID and personal details to register the SIM card.
  • There could be compatibility issues between LTE bands used vs. what your phone supports.
  • Calling and texting to numbers outside Puerto Rico can be expensive on pay-as-you-go type legacy plans.

When activated with a preloaded data package, you can expect to pay around $35-50 for a 7-14 day visitor pass with moderate data amounts included. Calling is generally extra on these short term tourist plans. Be sure to clarify exact inclusions and rates when you purchase.

SIM Cards for USA Visitors

If you’ll mostly be making calls, texts, and using data back to the mainland USA, purchasing a special SIM targeted to visitors from the USA could make more financial sense than a local Puerto Rican card.

For Americans, options like H2O Wireless and Altice offer SIMs in Puerto Rico providing cheap int’l calling/texting as well as roaming access to domestic US coverage. Typical costs for a monthly visitor pass allowing some data, calling and texting back to the USA are around $30-50.

These visitor SIMs packages will generally allow much lower rates to US numbers compared to what Puerto Rico networks directly charge. Some also include free incoming calls. But be aware that domestic calling and texting in Puerto Rico itself might still be more costly on these US visitor plans.

SIM Card Considerations

When selecting a Luis Muñoz Marín Airport SIM card option, consider:

  • Where you’ll be making most calls/texts to (local Puerto Rican numbers or internationally like back to mainland USA?)
  • How much mobile data you’ll need during your visit
  • If you need continuity of cell coverage throughout Puerto Rico or any parts of the Caribbean region
  • Your budget and which SIM card plans fit best within expected spending

Carefully read all included rates and fees so there’s no surprise charges. And don’t forget to have an unlocked phone that supports local carriers’ networks and frequency bands. This ensures your device works properly in Puerto Rico with your new SIM card.

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III. eSIM as an Alternative to SIM Card at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport

esim puerto rico benefits you

Besides physical SIM cards, some devices now support eSIM technology for digital activation of cell networks. An eSIM allows adding a second line onto your phone without needing to insert any card.

Some benefits of eSIM over regular SIM cards:

  • Don’t have to worry about losing or damaging a flimsy piece of plastic
  • Can switch between plans or networks electronically with ease
  • Enables dual standby having two lines active like local and roaming

And when traveling through Luis Muñoz Marín Airport, having an eSIM set up beforehand can allow you to land already connected to Puerto Rico’s networks vs. needing to locate then insert a SIM card.

Major carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Claro in Puerto Rico all support eSIM now. So if you have a newer model iPhone or Android device, consider grabbing an eSIM plan before arrival or departure at SJU airport.

As #1 Puerto Rico eSIM for toursits, provide customers with extremely attractive data packages. Just use the QR code provided after registering online to download your eSIM plan directly to your phone. Be sure to have this completed before taking off on your flight or while still connected to WiFi in the airport.

Convenient eSIM Plans Provide Savings

Puerto Rico eSIM 7 Days
Puerto Rico eSIM 7 Days
From $5.00
Puerto Rico eSIM 15 Days
Puerto Rico eSIM 15 Days
From $8.90

IV. What You Need to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport

prepare to buy a sim card in puerto rico

To ensure the process of purchasing and setting up a new SIM card goes smoothly once you land at Luis Muñoz Marín Int’l Airport, keep the following must-have items handy:

Your Unlocked Phone

First, make sure to bring an unlocked cell phone that supports networks and LTE bands used by Puerto Rican carriers like Claro and Liberty. You can contact your current provider to unlock your device if needed.

Having an unlocked phone guarantees you can simply insert a local Puerto Rican SIM you buy at SJU airport and get connected quickly vs. any compatibility issues.

Cash and/or Credit Card

When visiting the Caribe GSM store, Viva Wyndham kiosks, vending machines or other locations to purchase your Luis Muñoz Marín Airport SIM card, make sure to carry cash and/or a credit/debit card.

Most stores take USD or local Puerto Rican pesos payment. Vending machines generally accept USD bills plus major cards. But most won’t take American Express, so having either Visa/MasterCard debit/credit is best.

And remember to ask for any activation codes needed alongside your physical SIM card to enable getting connected.

SIM Tool or Paperclip

You’ll need a SIM removal tool or paperclip as well when inserting your new SIM card purchased after arrival at SJU airport. Most modern Android phones include the SIM tool within the box contents originally.

For iPhones, grab a paperclip to eject the SIM tray slot. Be gentle and take care not to damage any internal components when swapping SIMs. Don’t forget to safely reinsert any previous SIM card if you need that again later.

Passport or Photo ID

Finally, carry your passport or a photo ID/license when buying your Luis Muñoz Marín Int’l Airport SIM card. Some stores may ask to see this just to verify identity depending on type of service plan purchased.

And if you decide to go with a Puerto Rico local carrier’s postpaid plan, you’ll likely need to provide your passport details to fully register a long term SIM card.

So be prepared with proper identification if needed during the SIM registration process or when selecting a service plan after arrival.

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V. FAQs about Buying a SIM Card at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport

Can I use my USA SIM card in Puerto Rico?

Most US cell providers do offer roaming access in Puerto Rico and surrounding regions. However, charges for calls, texts and data are generally very expensive without an international roaming package added.
To avoid inflated roaming fees on your regular US number, purchasing a local Puerto Rico SIM card with an economical visitor pass is usually the better option if staying more than just a brief layover visit. This keeps your mobile costs down.

Are eSIMs easy to setup at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport?

For iPhone and Android devices that are eSIM capable, downloading an eSIM plan for Puerto Rico is quite easy either before departure or upon arrival at SJU. You’ll just need to connect to WiFi in the airport terminals to quickly enable service.
Some tips when using eSIM for the first time:
Make sure your device supports eSIM functionally
Check if your carrier provides eSIM plans or if any Puerto Rico networks offer eSIM visitors passes.
Have necessary Apple/Google account logins handy during activation steps

Can I use my Puerto Rico SIM card in other parts of the Caribbean?

If planning travel around the Caribbean region beyond Puerto Rico, check if your mobile carrier offers roaming access in those destinations. Some Puerto Rico visitor SIMs do allow roaming motions other islands while others are restricted only for domestic use when visiting.
Alternatively, you can purchase multiple SIMs for each country visited if you need continuity of cell coverage as you journey across the Caribbean area. Just swap SIMs when crossing borders or hopping islands.

VI. Conclusion

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport offers convenient options for purchasing a SIM card upon arrival in Puerto Rico. Both Claro and AT&T have stores located pre-security in Terminal A that sell prepaid SIM kits with data plans suitable for travelers. This allows you to easily set up affordable local service without having to leave the airport. Be sure to have your passport on hand for ID verification when buying a SIM.

Overall, stopping by one of these stores is the most hassle-free way to get connected right after disembarking your flight. With a Puerto Rican SIM installed, you’ll have no issues staying in touch, using maps, and exploring the island using your mobile data during your visit.