T-Mobile is a major wireless network operator in the United States, offering cell phone and data services. T-Mobile also has coverage and local operations in Puerto Rico. This guide will provide tourists visiting Puerto Rico comprehensive information on using T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM cards and services.

t-mobile puerto rico sim cards

I. Quick Facts about T-mobile Puerto Rico

t-mobile puerto rico overview

T-Mobile entered the Puerto Rico market in 2021 by acquiring Sprint’s telecommunications business in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Here are some key facts about T-Mobile’s operations in the region:

  • Founded year: 2021 (entry into Puerto Rico market through Sprint acquisition)
  • Full company name: T-Mobile Puerto Rico LLC
  • Types of services provided: Cellular phone service, mobile data, SMS/MMS messaging, roaming services
  • Number of subscribers: Approximately 1.3 million (inherited former Sprint subscribers)
  • Coverage: Provides coverage across the main island of Puerto Rico plus Culebra and Vieques
  • Estimated number of stores and agents: 60+ T-Mobile stores plus authorized dealers and retail partners

II. T-mobile Puerto Rico Coverage and Speed

1. T-Mobile Coverage in Puerto Rico

Coverage and Speed

T-Mobile has strong coverage across the main island of Puerto Rico including cities like San Juan, Ponce, Mayaguez and Arecibo. Its network reaches around 99% of the population on the main island. T-Mobile also provides coverage on the islands of Culebra and Vieques.

Its network is based on both 3G and LTE technology. T-Mobile utilizes spectrum in various frequency bands including 600 MHz, 700 MHz, 1900 MHz and 2100 MHz to deliver its mobile services.

2. T-Mobile Puerto Rico Speed

opensignal speed report puerto rico 2023

In independent third-party testing of mobile networks, T-Mobile Puerto Rico offers average download speeds ranging from 15-50+ Mbps on its LTE network. This is generally faster than competitor networks from Claro and Liberty and adequate for typical tourist usage like web browsing, maps/navigation, streaming music and standard definition video.

However actual speeds can vary a lot based on location, network congestion, device used and other factors. In cities and heavily touristed areas, T-Mobile speeds are often slower due to more network load.

III. T-mobile Connectivity Options for Travelers to Puerto Rico

Tourists visiting Puerto Rico have three main options to connect their phones on T-Mobile’s network:

  1. International Roaming: This uses your regular cell phone plan and SIM card from your home country. You enable roaming through your carrier and connect to T-Mobile Puerto Rico as a “roaming partner”. This generally works well but can add significant roaming fees for calls, texts and especially data usage.
  2. Puerto Rico SIM card: You can purchase a local prepaid or postpaid SIM card from T-Mobile Puerto Rico and use this in your unlocked phone. This gives you a Puerto Rico phone number and lower local rates. Data packages are available. The SIM route avoids roaming fees.
  3. Puerto Rico eSIM: For unlocked phones with eSIM support, you can download a T-Mobile Puerto Rico eSIM which provides the same benefits as a regular SIM card. An eSIM allows dual SIM functionality on supported device models.

IV. Best T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

For most tourists visiting Puerto Rico short-term, T-Mobile Puerto Rico’s prepaid plans offer the most flexibility and value. Two top options are:

  • Tourist SIM Card – 7-day plan with talk, text & 1GB high-speed data for $29. One-month renewals available. Only available for pickup at T-Mobile stores.
  • $3/Day Prepaid SIM – Provides 500 MB of high-speed data plus unlimited domestic talk & text for $3 per 24 hour period. Easy online activation and top-up options. More affordable for shorter trips under 2 weeks.

Both SIM options provide strong T-Mobile LTE coverage across Puerto Rico. Speeds are subject to network management during congestion periods. For longer trips or heavier data usage needs, T-Mobile postpaid monthly plans are also available but require ID verification and credit checks.

I would recommend tourists buy an eSIM from esimpuertorico.com because of the affordable prices offered. Some key points around pricing:

  • Competitive rates – At $5 for 1GB over 7 days and $8.90 for 2GB over 15 days, the weekly and biweekly package prices are very reasonable for travelers.
  • Good value – The data allotments provided at these price points allow for basic internet usage like maps, translation, messaging and light browsing during short trips to Puerto Rico.
  • No extra taxes/fees – The listed package prices are all-inclusive without any hidden taxes or additional charges. Tourists know exactly what they will pay upfront.
  • Economy packs available – Inexpensive monthly plans also start from as low as $9.99 monthly for occasional travelers, providing even more savings.
  • Compared to roaming – The esimpuertorico.com prices are much more cost effective than roaming charges tourists would have to pay on their regular cellular plans.

Given the transparent and competitive pricing, flexibility in package durations and the savings versus roaming fees, I feel the affordable prices make esimpuertorico.com eSIM packages a recommended choice for tourists visiting Puerto Rico looking to stay connected inexpensively.

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Puerto Rico eSIM 7 Days
Puerto Rico eSIM 7 Days
From $5.00
Puerto Rico eSIM 15 Days
Puerto Rico eSIM 15 Days
From $8.90

V. Does T-Mobile Puerto Rico support eSIM?

Yes, T-Mobile Puerto Rico introduced eSIM capability in 2022 for activating data & voice plans digitally on newer iPhone and Android devices.

The $3 per day prepaid plan is available as an eSIM for easier self-activation. Postpaid plan eSIMs also available.

Key benefits of using T-Mobile Puerto Rico eSIM include:

  • No need to physically install a nano-SIM card
  • Remotely download plan profiles to your device
  • Dual SIM functionality on compatible smartphones
  • Great for secondary data line or temporary usage

So tourists with latest phones like iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy S22 series can download a T-Mobile Puerto Rico eSIM before arrival or during their trip instead of buying a plastic SIM card.

Connected wherever you roam, Go eSIM with Esimpuertorico.com.

VI. Where Can You Buy a T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM Card and eSIM?

1. Where to buy T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM for Puerto Rico

There are several options for purchasing a T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM card locally:

  • T-Mobile Stores – Available at 60+ official retail stores across Puerto Rico – offers the full range of latest SIM card options and tourist packages. Store staff can also assist with account setup and activations.
  • Walmart – Many Walmarts across Puerto Rico sell prepaid SIM card starter packs from the major carriers including T-Mobile. More limited selection but still a convenient pickup point.
  • Loquieros Market – Local grocery store chain that stocks and sells prepaid SIMs from T-Mobile and other Puerto Rican carriers.

When buying locally, be sure to check the SIM card has an active 24-hour or 7-day domestic plan included rather than just a connection fee which has expensive pay-as-you-go rates. Staff can assist with activations.

2. Where to buy Puerto Rico T-Mobile eSIM

T-Mobile Puerto Rico eSIM service can be purchased directly from their website or mobile app by eligible devices:

  • Visit the T-Mobile Puerto Rico eSIM website and select desired plan.
  • For the $3 day pass data & unlimited domestic talk/text, choose the Prepago Pa’l Pueblo plan.
  • Complete signup and profile setup then activate your eSIM with the on-screen QR code.
  • Or use T-Mobile Puerto Rico app (available on iOS and Android app stores) which also supports eSIM activation and account management.

No need to visit a store for eSIM – everything can be handled remotely online through the T-Mobile Puerto Rico self-care platforms.

VII. How to Activate T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM Card/eSIM

1. How to Use T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM Card

Activating a T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM card is a quick and simple process:

  1. Purchase SIM card pack from official T-Mobile store, retailer, or prepaid outlet like Walmart or Loquieros. Confirm it has active plan preloaded rather than just a connection fee.
  2. Insert SIM card into your unlocked phone. Ensure phone is set to Puerto Rico timezone.
  3. Restart device and SIM card will auto-configure your phone’s mobile network settings. May need to enter SIM PIN if prompted.
  4. Open internet browser or app store on device – this will trigger account creation and registration process for the SIM.
  5. Provide a few details during signup flow like name, email, phone number. System will auto-assign a local Puerto Rico number.
  6. Once registered, SIM card and plan are ready to use! You’ll receive an SMS confirming successful activation.

If having any issues during setup, contact T-Mobile Puerto Rico customer support or visit a T-Mobile store for assistance. Staff can manually add SIM card details and plans if needed.

2. How to Activate T-Mobile Puerto Rico eSIM

Activating a T-Mobile Puerto Rico eSIM profile follows a similar process:

  1. Purchase your eSIM plan from T-Mobile Puerto Rico website or mobile app. The $3 day pass is a top option.
  2. Select eSIM activation when signing up. You’ll receive a QR activation code.
  3. Open your phone’s camera app. iOS: Go to Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan. Android: Go to Settings > Connections > SIM Cards.
  4. Scan provided QR code. This downloads and installs eSIM profile to your device.
  5. Follow prompts to finish network registration and setup just like a regular SIM.
  6. Confirm working by making a test call or browsing internet once activated.

That’s it! eSIM setup avoids the physical SIM card installation but follows the same quick account creation process. Contact T-Mobile Puerto Rico support if any activation issues.

Learn more: How to Install Puerto Rico eSIM: Full Guide

VIII. T-Mobile Call & SMS Rates in Puerto Rico

T-Mobile Puerto Rico prepaid plans like the Tourist SIM and $3 day pass include unlimited domestic calls and texts to local Puerto Rico numbers while on-island. International calls are extra.

For T-Mobile postpaid plans, local Puerto Rico call rates are around $0.20 per minute. Text messages cost $0.10 to send locally. Calls to US numbers are treated as domestic long distance at $0.25 per minute. MMS picture/video messages can cost $0.35 each.

These per-use rates generally make prepaid SIMs better value for most tourists who just need local connectivity while visiting. But longer staying visitors may prefer postpaid plans with monthly allowances. Always clarify call and SMS charges before travelling to avoid bill shocks.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM Card/eSIM

USSD codes are useful shortcuts for checking your account balance or settings via any phone. Here are some handy T-Mobile Puerto Rico USDD codes worth knowing:

  • *101#: Check airtime balance
  • *102#: Check data balance
  • *662#: Check account number
  • *225#: Check bonuses or promotions
  • *123*recharge PIN#: Recharge your prepaid account balance

Where “recharge PIN” is the 16-digit voucher code from top-up card.

You enter these codes directly on your phone dialer just like making a call, then follow the menus shown. USDDs provide an easy way to monitor usage without needing the T-Mobile app or website.

X. How to Top-up T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM Card

When the included high-speed data or airtime balance on your T-Mobile Puerto Rico prepaid SIM starts running low, you’ll want to top-up to continue service. There are a few convenient ways to add more funds:

  • Purchase Top-up Card – Buy a prepaid card from local retailers like Walgreens or Loquieros. Available in values like $10, $20, $50. Redeem card PIN into your account using the USSD code shown above or online.
  • In-Store Payment – Visit any T-Mobile Puerto Rico store and have staff add more airtime or data packs directly to your plan. Pay via cash, card, PayPal etc.
  • Online payment – Log into your T-Mobile Puerto Rico account portal and use credit/debit card to add more funds or change high-speed data allowance.
  • Auto-pay arrangement – For long stays, can setup recurring auto-payments from your card to renew plan periodically. Configure via your online account.

Ideally top-up your SIM a few days before expiry to avoid any service interruptions. Online options make it easy to manage even after departing Puerto Rico.

XI. FAQs about T-Mobile Puerto Rico

Do I need to show ID or proof of address to get a Puerto Rico SIM card?

No, T-Mobile does not require any ID verification or documents to purchase prepaid tourist SIM card packs. Just visit store and pay in cash even. Postpaid accounts do require fuller ID checks though.

Can I use a T-Mobile Puerto Rico SIM outside Puerto Rico and US?

T-Mobile Puerto Rico prepaid SIMs only provide service inside Puerto Rico plus domestic US coverage (50 states and territories). International roaming outside US would require a postpaid T-Mobile plan with roaming add-on.

Can I use my regular US-based T-Mobile SIM card in Puerto Rico?

Yes – T-Mobile’s US customer plans include domestic talk, text and reduced speed data while roaming in Puerto Rico and other US territories. But capped data speeds around 512 Kbps may be too slow for modern usage. Better to use a local T-Mobile Puerto Rico prepaid SIM for faster full-speed data on LTE network. Calls and texts are still unlimited though on regular T-Mobile US SIMs.

XII. Final Words

We hope this guide has covered everything needed to use T-Mobile Puerto Rico networks and SIM card options effectively as a tourist. Strong coverage, prepaid convenience and competitive rates make T-Mobile a great connectivity choice on your Puerto Rico travels. Just be careful about avoiding expensive international roaming charges if not using a local SIM.

Have a wonderful trip and don’t hesitate to reach out to T-Mobile Puerto Rico customer service if any issues configuring your phone plan during your visit. They aim to provide reliable, quality mobile service across stunning Puerto Rico.